ATELI Group is a group of companies and people who create projects in the field of e-commerce, logistics and services. The first company in the family was Ateli, s.r.o., which operates a marketplace platform in 12 European countries. We also started to get involved in international logistics with the BohemiaPost project. The projects live their own lives, but they also use the synergistic effect of mutual business cooperation. We always try to engage in projects that not only make sense in themselves, but also fit into our ecosystem. The founders are brothers Tomáš Česal and Lukáš Česal.

Tomáš Česal


Visionary and co-founder of the group. As the right boss, he perceives and approves strategies, delegates tasks. In his colleagues, he tries to develop their best qualities. You can usually find it where a colorful conversation about ideas, innovative thoughts sounds, or as a source of musical melodies spilling over 4 floors.

Lukáš Česal


Co-founder and lead developer of the group’s projects. Lukáš is a technical guru through our complex internal systems and processes, without which we would not be able to function today. He holds a protective hand over the entire team of internal and external IT specialists, with whom he takes care of the smooth operation of our systems. 

Lucie Mrázová

COO ATELI, s.r.o.

Lucka is our oldest manager. He is in charge of the operation of Ateli, s.r.o. who manages together with caring for her newborn daughter.

Suzana Bjelanović


Suzana is an experienced manager with natural authority who is in charge of our activities in the Balkans. He takes care of HQ in Subotica and 2 other offices in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Lenka Davídková


The youngest blood from our team with a feeling for the latest trends. He leads the GATIO project and all activities related to physical goods. Always in full swing, determined to overcome all the obstacles that accompany her projects. Passionate on her work with her head full of new ideas to improve sales. You will always meet her with a smile.

Luboš Hubáček


An experienced IT expert who sponsors technical solutions and automation of logistics and customs processes at BohemiaPost.

  • Acquisition of GATIO, an established e-shop with premium goods from branded retailers with reach to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.
  • After long preparations, the Ibáček.cz pharmacy store was ceremoniously opened in Pilsen on Husovo Street.
  • Moving to new premises of the cultural real estate www.tomaskovavila.cz.
  • Despite the complications associated with the coronavirus period, the opening of our marketplace platform for all who want to exhibit their goods. 
  • Expansion to the Slovenian market and other new employees. 
  • Expansion to other markets. 
  • Establishment of Skladovky.cz and acquisition of PostaZdarma.cz
  • New responsive virtual gallery template.
  • Business process optimization.
2014 second half
  • Number of employees 20, consolidation of the Slovak market and a successful start to the Polish market.
2014 first hald
  • Number of employees 17, moving to larger premises and expansion to other European markets. 
  • Full-time employees are given the opportunity as work becomes more and more. 
2012 second half
  • A virtual gallery is launched and the first 4 part-time workers are employed. 
2012 first half
  • ATELI is founded after hard work. 
  • The idea of ​​PoštovnéZdarma.cz is born in the heads of the Česal brothers.
  • There are several smaller online stores, the most important WigiShop.cz.